Free Assessments and Gift Vouchers

Further to our selection of training courses, we also offer you gift vouchers as well as free assessments.

Gift Vouchers

If you’re struggling for a birthday or Christmas gift, why not give an SBT Training Voucher?

The vouchers include everything required to complete a CBT or full licence course.

The recipient can choose exactly when they would like to have their course conducted, this can even be up to 12 months after the voucher has been purchased.

Included in the voucher price are:
Motorcycle hire
Mod 1 test fee (£15.00)
Mod 2 test fee (£75.00)
All safety equipment such as helmet, gloves, waterproofs etc.
CBT course (if required)
3rd party insurance

Free Assessment

This would be for DAS and restricted courses.

This assessment consists of a full hour with an instructor to clarify which training course would be most suitable for you and is structured in one of two ways:

Firstly– For someone who has not completed a CBT course, the assessment will be carried out on our government approved training site with an instructor on hand at all times.

Secondly -For those who hold a CBT certificate, the instructor will link in radio contact with you and the assessment will be carried out by means of a road ride which will conclude when the instructor is confident of your exact course requirement.

To purchase the perfect gift or to book a free assessment, call us on
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