This course is aimed at those aged 17 and upwards who require a full motorcycle licence.

You will test on either a 125cc bike (A1 Licence 17 years and over) or a 500cc bike (A2 Licence 19 years and over). After you have passed you will be able to ride without L-plates, on motorways and carry a pillion passenger. With the A2 Licence you will now be able to ride any motorcycle, which if it is more powerful than 47 bhp will need a basic restrictor kit fitted.

2 Day Restricted (A1/A2)

You’ll need to have completed you CBT test and be a very experienced rider. The first day consists of teaching what is required to pass the (mod1) test with the actual event taking place in the afternoon. Day two will begin with (mod2) training and a mock test. The (mod2) test will take place in the afternoon.

3 Day Restricted (A1/A2)

Again, this course is for an experience rider who also needs to be put through the formality of a CBT test. The first day will be your CBT, second day will be guiding you through the (mod1) test requirements with the test set for the afternoon. Day three will being with (mod2) training and a mock test culminating with the practical test in the afternoon.

4/5 Day Restricted (A1/A2)

These courses are suitable for novice riders. The first day will begin with a CBT test. The final 3 or 4 days will take you through the (mod1 and mod2) tests with your final day beginning with a mock test in the morning, leading you through to the afternoon for the (mod2) test. You can then walk away with a full restricted licence allowing you to ride any machine with a restrictor fitted where appropriate.

Please note that all of our training days are full days and not just sessions which give you the maximum training benefit.

Free Assessment

This would be for DAS and restricted courses.

This assessment consists of a full hour with an instructor to clarify which training course would be most suitable for you and is structured in one of two ways:

Firstly– For someone who has not completed a CBT course, the assessment will be carried out on our government approved training site with an instructor on hand at all times.

Secondly -For those who hold a CBT certificate, the instructor will link in radio contact with you and the assessment will be carried out by means of a road ride which will conclude when the instructor is confident of your exact course requirement.

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