2 day intensive course

This course is for very experienced riders who have already completed their CBT course and subject to a free, one hour assessment lesson to assess suitability. Both days are conducted on a machine over 595cc to get you used to handling the bigger machine. This course culminates in your tests in the afternoons of the first day Mod1 and the second day Mod2.

3 day intensive course

This course is for riders who have some previous riding experience maybe having completed CBT in the past. The first day kicks off with completing your CBT course on a mixture of 125cc and 600cc machines. Day 2 will move on to Mod1 training on the 600cc bike with the test taking part in the afternoon. Day 3 will all be on-road riding with mock test late morning and the main test Mod2 taking part in the afternoon.

4/5 day intensive course

These courses are suitable for a novice rider. The first day will be your CBT, on days 2 and 3 you will continue your training on a mixture of 125cc and 600cc machines and at the end of Day 3/4 will involve taking your Mod1 test, with the remainder of the day concentrating on Mod2 training. Day 4/5 will all be on-road training culminating in your test in the afternoon.
All day courses start at 9:00am and finish at approximately 4:00pm although these times can be altered to suit you.

Free Assessment

This would be for DAS and restricted courses.

This assessment consists of a full hour with an instructor to clarify which training course would be most suitable for you and is structured in one of two ways:

Firstly– For someone who has not completed a CBT course, the assessment will be carried out on our government approved training site with an instructor on hand at all times.

Secondly -For those who hold a CBT certificate, the instructor will link in radio contact with you and the assessment will be carried out by means of a road ride which will conclude when the instructor is confident of your exact course requirement.

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